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Bee Removal, Wasp Removal
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Bee Removal Arizona offers expert bee removal service in Scottsdale, AZ.

Live Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal

Humane live bee removal and bee relocation Phoenix Valleywide service. 

Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal

We handle all types of beehive infestations offering Phoenix Valleywide Service. 

Repair Service

Repair Service

We specialize in extreme or difficult bee removal jobs that require construction repair. 

Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal

We can safely remove swarms which can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees. 

Natural Bee Repellent

Natural Bee Repellent

We offer non-chemical based bee repellent treatments to prevent future bee infestations. 

Home Bee Proofing

Home Bee Proofing

We seal all places where bees can get in and offer a five-year warranty. 

Why Use Our Services?

Recommended by pest control companies throughout the Valley

BBB member, A+ Rating

We specialize only in bee control, wasp and other stinging insects

More than 30 years of unsurpassed experience

Friendly and professional technicians

1-hour response time

Locally owned and operated

Unsurpassed experience

Open 24 hours

Emergency service available

Great customer service

Our Services Include

Free quote & consultation

Controlling bees of all kinds — whether they're Africanized or domestic bees

Bee removal

Swarm removal

Live bee removal

Property inspections

Home bee proofing/sealing

Wasp, yellow jacket, hornet, bumble bee extermination

Get rid of bees drinking water at swimming pools or bees at water fountains

Construction repair and honey clean-up

Beehive and honeycomb removal

Do You Need Live Bee Removal Service in Scottsdale, AZ?

We have can be at your home usually within 1 hour.

Bee Removal Arizona offers full service bee control in Scottsdale, AZ. We are the live bee removal specialist in the valley, it’s our goal to save the bees. Most swarms of bees can be rescued and relocated.

Unfortunately there are some situations where the bees cannot be caught such as inside of a tree and other situations where it’s unsafe. If you have discovered a colony of bees on your property have the bees removed as soon as possible before they are well-established. A beehive with tens of thousands of bees can put you and your neighbors at risk for being attacked and stung especially if the bees are provoked. Call for a free quote, we would be glad to answer all your questions.
Our arrival time is usually within the hour sometimes too.

$20 OFF

New customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must mention this offer at time of service. Must spend minimum of $250 on our bee removal and control services to receive this discount.

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