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Why Bee Proof Your Home?

Next to termites, bees can really do some damage on structures, it’s when they get into a crevice such as an attic where they build up lots of honeycomb that becomes the problem.

Costs of Ignoring a Bee Problem

Bees left unchecked can store in excess of a couple of hundred pounds of honey and comb that can melt down easily in the summer leaking in walls and seeping out at baseboards and over windows.

This happens especially after the bees have been exterminated with the honeycomb left in the walls or attic, often The brood has a rotting odor as well does a tracking many other insects. We totally recommend to get this honeycomb removed.

Benefits of Bee Proofing/Sealing

Having your home sealed or bee proofed is the best way to prevent bees from getting in the most vulnerable parts of your home it go’s a long way to keep your home free of bees.

We go around the roof line under the eaves and vents sealing all the little places where bees can enter.

Call the Beehive for a free estimate to have your home sealed to prevent bees building a beehive at your home.

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