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What is a Swarm of Bees?

A swarm of bees is a group of bees that have recently departed from their parent colony, swarming is how bees procreate, it’s to start another beehive. If the parent hive has become overpopulated or hasn’t any more room to store honey the bees will usually swarm.

A Swarm of Bees can Land just about Anywhere.

Bees will swarm throughout the year but most swarms leave there beehive in the spring.

Are Bee Swarms Dangerous?

You may have discovered bees on a tree or a bush or on your home or property if so the bees should be removed promptly. We recommend having the bees removed the same day they have been discovered in most cases.
Generally swarms of bees are more docile but it’s not always the case. They can still pose a threat and left untreated they can become quite aggressive. We safely remove Africanized bee swarms and European honey bees swarms eliminating any threat to you and your family as well as pets.

Can Bee Swarms be Safely Relocated?

In most cases the bee swarms are relocated to our family-owned bee farm or safely released to a desert location.

Why Call Bee Removal Arizona?

Don’t risk the disaster of trying to handle bees or self, disturbing bees can easily make them aggressive and start flying all over the place looking for anything to sting. call Bee Removal Arizona, The experts in bee removal we will eliminate the hazards that bees can pose.

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