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Why Would You Need Bee Repellant?

Do you have bees at your swimming pool or bees at your water fountain? Or maybe wasp dive-bombing every time you go to the pool.

Bees can be a nuisance when they are foraging on flowers or drinking at pools and ponds, bees will even drink out of hummingbird feeders.

Usually when bees are foraging they’re not aggressive although they can sting when swimming in a pool next to them.

Do Bee Repellants Really Work?

We have repellents that will make the bees and wasp go away and forage somewhere else.

When bees forage at a particular location they go back and tell other bees. The next thing you know is your pool has become a feeding ground attracting other colonies of bees as well. When this happens it’s best to get rid of the bees right away before it attracts multiple colonies and becomes their primary water source.

Bee Removal Arizona has fantastic and innovative ways to repel bees.

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