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4 Common Places You Will Find a Bee Hive

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowers, gardens, and agricultural crops. According to A-Z-Animals, there are 20,000 different species of bee worldwide. While this is great for the environment, having a bee hive too close to your home can pose a safety risk for you, your family, and your pets. Bees have some common areas they like to build their hives in, and knowing these spots can ensure you’re on the lookout. Then, you’ll be able to call a bee removal company promptly. Here are four of the most common places you may encounter an unwanted bee hive on your property.

1. Under Roof Overhangs

One popular spot bees like to construct hives is under roof overhangs. This includes open eaves, porch coverings, and garage overhangs. Bees are attracted to the shelter and height these roof areas provide. Listen for buzzing and watch for bees flying in a focused stream in and out of the area. Getting a bee removal company to humanely relocate the hive soon after noticing activity is key.

2. In Backyard Sheds

Backyard storage sheds are another prime target for bee hives. Again, bees find the cover and seclusion ideal. Pay attention to bees buzzing around the exterior and darting in and out of tiny crevices in the structure. It may take hiring a bee removal company to safely open, inspect inside, and seal up the shed after removing the bees.

3. Among Chimneys

Chimneys make cozy homes for bees because they offer a hollow, dark space up high on most houses. Look for bees entering and exiting the chimney along with hive material visible around the cap. Let a professional bee removal company handle dismantling the chimney hive, so the bees and their honeycomb can be safely extracted.

4. In Attics and Wall Voids

If you hear odd buzzing within your home’s walls or attic space, it likely means a hive has taken up residence. Only attempt to verify and remove an indoor hive yourself using extreme caution. It’s often best to directly call a bee removal company to strategically open walls or the attic to remove the entire nest.

Catching a bee hive early, especially before bees gain access inside, gives a bee removal company the best chance of quick, successful removal. Keep an eye on overhangs, sheds, and chimneys, and listen for indoor buzzing to detect a hive right away. Don’t live with a bee hazard – call Bee Removal Arizona promptly for help.