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The Dangers of Unlicensed Bee Removal Contractors

Hiring an unlicensed contractor to remove bees from your property creates substantial liability for the homeowner.

You just discover bees have just taken up residence under your house eaves, or in your attic, or maybe in your favorite tangerine tree. You quickly search online for a bee removal company and find one that promises to remove the bees quickly at a super-low price. You call, you schedule the company to come to your home, and you sit back and relax — knowing your bee problem will soon be taken care of.

However, you didn’t think to ask or check if the bee removal expert you just hired is a state licensed contractor. It may just be a fly-by-night business. If this company isn’t licensed, you’ve just potentially stepped into a bee’s next full of other problems.

If any unlicensed contractor has an accident on your property and is injured, guess who’s liable. Yes, YOU the homeowner.

One day I was talking to a homeowner who had hired a tree-removal service. One of the workers was up in a tree and he fell out. Now the homeowner is being sued. The lawsuit has been going on for a year so far. A catastrophic injury or death can cost the homeowner up to a million dollars.

If a licensed contractor comes out to your home and falls off your roof, is injured by a power tool or whatever unfortunate circumstance that may occur, it’s against the law for this licensed contractor to sue the homeowner.

It’s also against the law for an unlicensed bee removal contractor to spray any chemical to remove bees from a property. Instead, such companies will attempt live bee removal (I bet you know where this is going…). Well, you can only imagine the problems that can cause. The bees can get mad very quick and will start stinging every person and animal in sight — including those several houses away. Again, guess who is going to be served a lawsuit — the homeowner for not hiring a licensed contractor.

Would you like another example of what could go wrong? The chemicals used to exterminate bees is very flammable. There’s the story of a contractor spraying bees under a gas water heater. The water heater pilot light was put out and it caught on fire, which led to the home being burned down to the ground an hour later.

Twice the Insurance Coverage

By law, licensed contractors have to carry $1 million worth of insurance. The AZ Beehive actually carries $2 million worth of insurance. That means you can be twice as comfortable when the AZ Beehive is removing bees from your property. Call The Beehive at 480-468-8763 for live bee removal.