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Don’t burn your house down because of bees!

Bees bees and more bees they just keep coming.

How come I can’t get rid of the bees at my house.

Often we talk to homeowners that have tried all kinds of ways to get rid of bees on their own.

They’ve tried everything they know how to make the bees go away with no success, the bees just keep coming.

A common scenario that we run into is where a homeowner may have bees in a wall and they tried to seal it up, or they try to spray stuff on the outside to make them go away.

I’ve even seen homes almost burnt down to the ground from trying to get rid of bees.

Having bees at your home can be very frustrating especially if you’re sensitive to bees stings or have small children.

setting candles next to the entrance wont do anything it won’t make the bees go away.

Trying to smoke out the bees with fire maybe cigarettes or smoke won’t work either what will happen is the bees will just get irritated and start getting aggressive.

To handle Bees properly one needs the proper protective equipment such as a hat and Val a bee suit or bee jacket, bee gloves and a smoker.

And the proper insecticide and the knowledge of how to administer insecticide usually by drilling holes.

Trying to seal Bees up in a wall can lead to bees getting inside your home, this is a fairly common problem that happens.

Bug sprays don’t work by spraying on the outside of the wall you really need to drill a hole to inject insecticide inside of a wall to get rid of bees.

Bees can be sometimes a little difficult to get rid of depending on how big the Beehive is.

If for instance a beehive is inside of a wall it may go up 8 feet. Multiple drill holes would have to be made to get rid of the bees properly.

Bees maybe going in at the bottom of a garage wall but they go all the way up to the top and start their honeycomb from the top down.

Before long you’ll have a whole wall full of honeycomb that would need to be removed.

So spraying at the bottom of the wall isn’t going to do anything to get rid of the Bees. The bees will just keep coming out of the wall and mad because somebody is messing with them.

Don’t waste your money on chemical sprays that won’t work or take a chance of catching your house on fire or take chances of getting stung and getting bees inside your house.

Call the experts for bee removal. We are trained seasoned professional technicians that will be dispatched out in a moment’s notice within 1 to 2 hours we can be at your place to take care of the bee problem.

The Beehive bee and wasp removal, is here to help.